PSY FLY :: b2b

Moment bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

26. oktober 2018 ob 23:00

B2B Definition:
"In the dance music world, B2B or b2b indicates that two DJs will be performing onstage at the same time.
Back to back does not mean that one DJ will be playing immediately after the other, even though in general English you would say that two events happening one after another.
In EDM, the phrase back-to-back comes from the days when DJs played vinyl records. While one DJ would be managing the turntables, the other would be searching through their catalog of vinyl records behind the decks for the next record to play. This DJ would usually have his back to the audience, so the two performers would spend much of the show with their backs to each other. Nowadays, very few DJs, at least in large settings, spin vinyl records or even CDs. The rise of laptop-DJs and digital turntables has enabled DJs playing b2b sets to face the audience while they queue up the next track."

◊◊◊Behind the decks◊◊◊
- 23.00 AGENT MUSHROOM ᴰᴶ intro

-00.00  Nils Wu Rosker b2b Nexetuku

-02.00  TheKodro b2b Chakradelix

-04.00  Soundtrigger b2b Nibiru

SHARING IS CARING, zato povabite svoje najdražje prijatelje ;)
◊◊◊ Big soundsistem
◊◊◊ Big dance floor under heated tent
◊◊◊ Decorations by Mushroom Magic lights
◊◊◊ Happy smiling people
◊◊◊ Chill out area
◊◊◊ Fresh fruits
◊◊◊ AfterParty
& many more ...

23.00 - 06.00 8EUR (after vključen)
06.00 - 11.00 Techno music policy

Age Limit: 18+
Lokacija Moment bar, Ljubljana
Start: 23.00
End: 11.00

Vreme Ljubljana

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 23.10.2018 8:49

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