First anniversary of Trance Must Go On with Cyber & Lydia Delay

Orto, Ljubljana, Slovenija

3. marec 2018 ob 23:00

Lydia DeLay - Graduated piano on a music Academy.At first,besides live concerts
as a pianist, she started with composing classical and film music. Also as a trance
music lover she found herself into being a DJ and a trance music producer.Most of inspiration,
at early age,she found in Robert Miles and later on in Sean Tyas’s beats and melodies of Airbase
She is also a vocalist and a lyrics author. As a solo artist in trance music,
she is mostly into uplifting and vocal trance. She has projects in other musical genres as
well;Chill, Psy Trance and Goa Trance and have many collaborations
with other artists, such as : Vertex (Tesseract Studio), Merlin,Ascent (BMSS Records), Invisible Reality and many more.
She is on the way to sign a record deal with few labels.
Lydia also performed at Exit festival (Serbia),Sun Festival (Hungary), Trance Unity (Croatia) and also became a resident
in several clubs in Belgrade (Serbia).

Vladimir Cyber - A big fan of electronic music, especially trance as his favourite genre, since early age.He found his inspiration
in other artist, such as Tiesto,Tyas,Armin,Astrix, Astral, Liquid Soul, Alex morph, Airbase, Aly & Fila.
As a teenager, he became very interested in being a trance music producer, which led him to become a DJ as well and
perform at Serbia Wonderland festival, several times by now. Following these steps, he got other performances at:
Edm maraton, Spectrum, Fire festival, Tranceport, including many clubs in Belgrade (Serbia).
Vladimir is mostly into Uplifting trance, but having passion for Progressive and Psy too.
He also have a collaboration with Ikerya Project and a release for Abora records.

In 2017, Lydia and Vladimir found themselves as Back2Back DJs and partners in trance collaboration,which also
brought them a record deal with IBMusic (Ibiza) for their first collaboration track ’’Neverending story’’.
They performed at Trance Unity in Croatia , as they entered in 2018,annouced as one of the best sets for the end of 2017!


Kristian Macarol (Mapamond Records/TMGO)

Cyber b2b Lydia Delay (Abora Rec./Magic Trance)

special classic vinyl set:
Ales Hrastnik (Magnetik Records/TMGO)

Extra light&laser show!

Entry fee: 10€

You can buy tickets only at the door

Age limit: 16+

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