SektorSelektor presents: XENOSCAPES, KNOBS, RE:SET, MüD

Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenija

4. avgust 2017 ob 23:00

XENOSCAPES (Australia)
KNOBS (Australia)
RE:SET (Italy)
MüD (Australia/Italia)

Vstopnina: 5-7

SektorSelektor proudly represents XENOSCAPES, KNOBS, RE:SET and MüD, three amazing producers with four excellent projects of dark&groovy dancefloor electronica. Welcome to a cocktail party night at BorisPlac, Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Xenoscapes is Benny Mcgrigors deep brooding minimal techno project, designed from dark yet groovy rhythms, gondwanan atmospheres, and growling hypnotic bass lines, set within the futuristic, prehistoric soundscape of Terra Australis. Benny has been playing his music at gigs and festival throughout Australia and releases on labels throughout the world including
D.M.T. Records Zenon Records DIVIDED Recordings NuLabel Concepto Hipnotico Glitchy Tonic Rec Krad Records Lethal Dose Records Occultech Recording Lethal Sc


Knobs aka Diego Simonetti born in Rome is a real cosmopolitan. He has a strong break influence in his music coming from Hip Hop as a child as well as Drum & Bass and Dubstep later in his life. He experimented producing various genres of electronic music from Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Dubstep to Hardtechno and discovered and focused on Minimal and Techno beats in 2008. He fell in love with analog gear and this love eventually struck a greater love which he expressed through making his own music. He said: "I love producing lets me express myself which I believe is the most important thing for a person in order to find himself and enjoy his life". His tracks have been released on labels such as Nachtstrom Schallplatten, The Zone Records, Freitag, Elektrax Recordings and Smallroom Music to name some. His tracks have been played and supported by artists such as Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, The Advent, Paco Osuna, Laurent Garnier, Monoloc, Drumcell, and many more, lots more to come from this artist.


Born and raised in Rome. He would go on to spend several years earning degrees in sound design/engineering and music technologies at the famed Italian Institute of Music Technologies, then subsequently moved to the electronic mecca of Berlin in 2012, where his passion took root in a multi-prong assault on speakers worldwide.

As a wizard of mixing and mastering at his own Re:set Studio, he mixed Italian contemporary jazz trio Chat Noir’s 2014 full-length Elec3cities for RareNoise Records. His glitch-hop and dubstep-tinged live sets have been the highlight of festivals such as Freqs of Nature by Full Moon, Odyssee, Modem, Feel, Electropolis, and Italofest, while his remixes and original works under the names of Cooked Audio and Re:set have been released by labels like Adapted, Sostanze, Looney Moon Experiment, Rub-A-Duck, Only Good Shit, Restylers, Subculture, Irma, Another Chance, Ammunition, Heavy Bassweight, and Stupid Fly Records. That’s quite a resume on its own, but there is now a cherry on that sundae.

Mud is a fresh joint project of KNOBS and RE:SET, that already pleased a happy dancing crowd of the finest European festivals like Freqs of Nature and Modem. Welcome to enjoy their colaboration on our floor.

Vreme Ljubljana

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