Magnetic Shift

Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

2. junij 2017 ob 23:00

Schwarzmarct is a 21 year old Trap and Drum and Bass DJ/Producer from Innsbruck / Austria. With musical interests such as RL Grime, Templa, Keys N Krates, Neonlight, Bcee, Dimension and The Prototypes, it was almost inevitable that Schwarzmarct found a special groove on the decks. Having gained a lot of support recently, and coming up with his own tracks, it will be very exciting to see what he brings up.
•FB: Schwarzmarct

►DOPAMINE [Breaks//Drum & Bass]

►SPENCAH [Drum & Bass]
•FB: Spencah

►ROCCA [Breaks//Ghetto Funk]



►TAC [Hedonistic Creativity, Mladinin oder] & KSELMAN [SNG]
Hypnotic interplay of images, colour and light, imaginative scenic layouts and video-mapping on the stage, add to the event a new dimension of experience, which takes the audience through a wonderful interplay between hearing and visual stimuli.
A combination of computer projections and elaborate set design, create an unique and dynamic atmosphere, adapted to the spirit and atmosphere of the happening on and off the stage.

Vstopnina: 5

►Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor
•Petek, 2.6.2017

►Prispevek: 5€


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Vreme Maribor

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