Alles Kapot at Izola goes Hard

ZOO, Ljubljana, Slovenija

27. avgust 2016 ob 21:00


►►► Hard Frequency showcase / Hardtechno, Schranz /
►►► Alles Kapot showcase / Hardcore, Frenchcore /

►►► Astrid’s bday party

►►► Hard Frequency showcase:
/ Hardtechno, Schranz /

Stereo KriminalZ (USA)
Hard Frequency / Eco festival

Dominik Stuppy (Germany)
Hardtechno Militia / Physical Collapse /Artificial Underground

General_Rush (Official) (Germany)
Hard Impact / Hardtechno Militia

Lymax (Germany)
Meinklang / Hard Destruction / Hardcast

►►► Alles Kapot showcase
/ Hardcore, Frenchcore /

Rob2Speed (Slovakia)

AndyGTP (Slovakia)

DJ Paymon (’’My drug is my vinyl’’)



Start time: 21.00
End time: When music stops once in the morning

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DJ Rob2Speed is the most successful Slovakian hardcore gabber DJ. His fantastic mixing skills, scratching and tricks make him definitely one of the most technically skilled professional hardcore DJs in Europe. He’s dedicated his life to perfection and continuous improvement of the presentation and mixing the hardcore music. Starting in 2005, he’s attended many gigs all over the Europe. The most interesting bookings were Noisekick’s verouderingsproces (NL), Insanity Part 3 (CH), Hardcore Explosion (H), Rakehell (H), Core Masters (A), Hellrave (A), Hardcore Operation (CZ), Terror Noize Industry (D), Hell or Heaven (A), Hardflash with Neophyte (SK), Bee Free open air (SK) and many more. He also appeared on the official DVD "This Is Terror Volume 8". Rob2Speed is performing on both turntables and CD’s. His favourite hardcore styles are mainstream, uptempo, oldschool, industrial.

AndyGTP is one of the founding members of DJ crew, also known as the Gabba Team Pressburg. Since 2001, he’s been one of the leaders and key people on the Slovakian hardcore scene responsible for many successful parties such as the famous Brain Cracking and Hardflash series. He started DJing back in 2003 and has stayed loyal to the vinyl culture, although due to the changing environment and turntables disappearing from the clubs he’s preparing for the CDJ challenge as well. Apart from the national events, his major bookings were for Hell or Heaven (A), Hardcore Giants (A), Core Masters (A), Ground Flash series (CZ), Fear and Loathing (A), Rakehell (H), Bee Free open air (SK), Hardflash with DJ Neophyte (SK), Hardcore Delirium vs Terrornoize Industry (D), Hardcorized (D). His favourite music styles vary from oldschool through industrial, harder mainstyle to uptempo hardcore and frenchcore.

General Rush (bourgeois name Christian Weiand) was born 1981 in Flörsheim (Germany). His first experiences and contacts with the electronic sounds were based in the 90’s while Christian was listen to „The Prodigy“ and the radio show „XXL Clubnight“. Soon he get inspired to listen to harder electronic music and he organised his equipment for starting mixing at home in the genres progressive Techno and Hardtechno. A little time has past until Christian alias „General Rush“ becomes the possibility to show his definition of harder military beats on an event in a local club. Since that time he played in several clubs and events also in several radio shows.

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