Alluvion Residency #3 w/ Magdalena (Diynamic)

ZOO, Ljubljana, Slovenija

22. januar 2016 ob 23:00

DrogArt informatorji

Mag-duh-lay-nuh - (noun). Origin: Magnanimus Pius (Polish, meaning "thieving magpie").
1. A girl who either steals your heart away like a thieving magpie would a shiny object or who resembles the small black-and-white bird in appearance.
2. Often used to describe the most beautiful bird you’ve ever seen.
3. "Rare beauty"... in bird-watchers’ terms.
4. Another beautiful night at the Alluvion Residency.

We’re starting the New Year with some fresh energy and in the company of the first lady that has joined the Diynamic Records family. First time in Slovenia.

Mark the date: 22. 1. 2016, ZOO Club (Tržaška cesta 2, Ljubljana)

Magdalena (Magdalena Solomun)

Hamburg based superwoman Magdalena is the latest addition to the Diynamic artist roster. Not only did she run the renowned EGO Club in Hamburg; she also had her monthly residency there, releases her own radio show each month and plays gigs regularly in clubs like Weekend or Watergate in Berlin or Pacha and Cova Santa on Ibiza and she is a regular part of all Diynamic Showcases worldwide. And if all that wasn’t enough, she is also hosting the very popular EGO AIR every summer, a daytime open air party series in Hamburg.

Magdalena (Diynamic Records, Hamburg, GER)

Marc Grabber (Alluvion Resident; HR/SLO)

Brlee (Alluvion Resident; SLO)

Jagnje (Alluvion Resident; SLO)

Entry: 10€

Vreme Ljubljana

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