Catch The Beat

Bazen Kranj, Kranj, Slovenija

7. november 2014 ob 23:00

This time in Catch The Beat, we present to you New Age Techno beats from Austria wich will be escorted with classic, but strong Techno vibes. Don’t forget the rithms that you are used to from Gorenjska and around the globe with man who realy knows how to transfer them on to the dance floor and also we didn’t forget some hard groove beats. This time together with two djs which will be transfering them straight to your ears on four decks. This is a party you just can’t miss and it will bring you real Techno beats, you just need to Catch them.

Illicit Noise (Aut)

Both, Thomas & Hannes, overindulge in electronic music especially Techno. Two crazy ravers, who are always out on festivals and events of course, got to know each other on the dance floor. When they found out that they also share the same passion of mixing, they decided to start a new project together. It started in the in-house studio and so far they have been mixing in private settings only. Techno is a very forceful, emotional and versatile sound. Illicit Noise always try to take people to another world, a world full of peace, love and happiness, just with the power of music.


Today there are many people working with music, but not all are working with love and technical aproche for perfection. One of them is Marta Gabrovšek allso known as sMatry. Everything started with vynils wich were creating the metal sounds of electronic music. With her charisma, she shakes the underground clubs around Slovenia, Croatia and Austia. For now the highest artistic expression was at Exit festival in 2013 but she continued with her way in production and she’s allso getting known as a DJ wich picks up people with fine groove, clean sounds and positive vibes.


VEZTAX (Vezotonik Records, Glorio Music Records)

MARTA ( female:pressure )

Illicit Noise (Carinthia) AUT

Lilson (Techsturbation, Techno Piknik)

Jan D (Catch The Beat, Techno Piknik)


23:00 – 07:00

Do 00:00 5€
Po 00:00 7€ 

Vreme Kranj

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 4.11.2014 19:16

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