TRUSTED SOUNDS predstavlja: DRUM´n´BASS Session / First Kick /

F Club, Ljubljana, Slovenija

26. januar 2013 ob 23:00


[Ammunition Rec, Black Seeds Rec, Delta9 Rec, BNC Express / Italy]

=> TELEKINESIS / Smooth vs. Marko man /

[Black Sun Empire rec, Blackout recordings / Slovenia]

=> SPADE [Illegal / Slovenia]

=> TSUNAMI [Illegal / Slovenia]

=> YOORONYAA [Slovenia]


=> SYNTAXX [Slovenia]




FIRST LINE SQUAD is an italian trio from Milan, formed in 2011 but individually producing electronic music since 2006. The name explains the philosophy of the project: before and after a gig, you can find the FLS members in the dancefloor, drinking cocktails and having a lot of fun! The sound proposed is dark and techy, but always funk and dancefloor oriented, and the dj sets are performed with energy and passion on the mixer.


TELEKINESIS are a up and coming two man outfit hailing from Slovenia, driven by the creative minds of Smooth and Markoman. After working together for an extended length of time, they developed the Telekinesis alias, and have begun to see immediate success, due to the very high production skills and a keen ear for the dancefloor. Receaving DJ support from all major players of the drumnbass scene, ranging form Pendulum and Black Sun Empire, to Matrix and Futurebound, they have seen great responces from crowds, be it in a track played by another, or sets preformed by themselves. Being singd to a large number of major ganre labels Telekinesis are currently working on a debut for their own label - Illegal recordings. After hearing a track, or attending an event by the dynamic duo, one can see nothing but big things in the future for the telekinetic tandem.


SPADE started DJing as a high school radio selector showcasing fresh drumnbass and hip hop. Buying turntables in 2005 he had his stage debut in late 2006 in Ljubljanas Channel Zero. Countinuing with playing some smaller venues in Ljubljana, he was one of the founders of Soulless crew uniting young guns of Slovenian drumnbass under one banner. In the following two years, residenting in Channel Zero, he played all over the country including several gigs in Ljubljanas biggest music festival TrnFest. In 2009, after Soulless disbanded, he was recruited by Illegal alongside Smooth. His drumnbass selection is the most schizophrenic in his possey ranging from soft beats to Hardcore hitting shots, always contentrating on maximum dancefloor effect.


TSUNAMI has classical education. Actively he began to spin in year 2003 and 2 years later he joined Illegal kru. Since the begining he is loyal to hard, dark and agressive sounds, often with additions of techno, hardcore and metal. In his carrier he played on several partys, at home and abroad with numerous global known dnb djs, like Counterstrike, Raiden, Gridlok, Bulletproof, Future prophecies, Cooh, Prolix, The Sect, Optiv, Evol intent. In year 2007, he and Markoman (Telekinesis) appeared also on festival Exit in Novi Sas. He also puts his mind intensively into music production. He can praise him self with some successful editions in conjuction with Markoman and also other perfomers on various publishers (m-Atome recs, Temper D productions, Culture assault recs).



I wish that music making and production will forever be part of my life. Since I was a kid, I liked to collect good music and it looks like I still do. Luckily my dad was collecting music as well, so did my older brother and sister, she also makes her own music in London. So the ideas come from different music genres, but I rather produce and spin drum’n’bass and jungle, simply because of its energy, speed, complexity and interchanging diversity of organic genres like funk, hip-hop, reggae or rnb, that match perfectly with its tempo. Actually It was my sister who acquainted me with drum’n’bass music, because it was getting big in London at that time. Classic music background I got from finishing a music school, playing clarinet and saxophone for eight years. In high school me and my brother were mainly into techno parties, where I got this idea of making and spinning my own music someday. And since 2000 I was experimenting a lot with software like ReBirth and Reason. Enthusiasm and inspiration I get also from my closest friends, especially those who are into music as well. Respect to them!

Because dreams with no action stay only dreams, I decided to take music producing to a more professional level in 2009. Visiting all possible music workshops, I have to give a shout-out to DJ Spade, who’s learning turntablism sessions were very practical and easy going. Frequently visiting Red Bull’s Music Academy brought me together with DJs from RDYO crew (Massimo, JAMirko, Pier and Koltek), who offer me today use of their studio and a small community where we share out music thoughts - so a special shout-out and respect guys!

Now I spend my free time intensively with music production and the next dream now is a official release. But ultimately and undeniably, the sheer joy for music is driving me on.





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