Te zanima sodelovanje v raziskavi o psihadelikih? Beri dalje..

9. november 2018|Novice|Aktualno|Obvestila

Doctoral student Karsten Fatur (biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana) under the mentorship of Dr. Samo Kreft (faculty of pharmacy) is conducting ethnographic research on the use of psychedelic/hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms, and animals in Slovenija.

 Anyone with an interest in this topic, previous knowledge, or experience using such psychedelics is welcome to contact him. An informal discussion on the topic is all that would be required of those wishing to participate and help in this research. All participants’ names will be kept anonymous to ensure the protection of their identity. Arrangements for meetings in regions outside of Ljubljana can be made, so please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have an interest but do not live near the city. Please also feel free to share this search with others whom you feel may be interested. Karsten may be contacted through email at karsten.fatur@gmail.com.
Karsten Fatur