Crisis Intervention at Psychedelic Festivals - workshop

Vabimo vas na delavnico o psihadeličnih intervencijah na glasbenih festivalih, predaval bo Levente Móró. Član ekipe DÁT2 Psy Help za psihadelično pomoč na glasbenih festivalih, hkrati pa tudi doktorant na področju kognitivne nevroznanosti na univerzi Turku (Finska). Delavnica bo potekala v soboto ob 18.30 v Živko Skvotec (Tovarna Rog).

Crisis Intervention at Psychedelic Festivals

DÁT2 Psy Help is a group of about 40 volunteers who provide harm reduction and crisis intervention services for free at goa/psytrance parties and festivals. Our peers are recruited mostly from the party scene, and are specialized in psychedelics-related helpwork, i.e., handling difficult experiences under hallucinogenic drugs (’bad trips’). Since 2013, we have been at 110 events, within Hungary mostly in Budapest and sometimes at the countryside, but also in the Netherlands, Croatia, and Spain. We have a long-time good collaboration with DrogArt: we asked their volunteers into our international festival teams already twice.

The training that we provide is based on our DÁT2 Psy Help manual, a free downloadable booklet about organizing and running psychedelic helping interventions:
It contains theoretical and practical details about how to select team members, how to put up a base at a party/festival, what types of cases may occur, and how to facilitate the clients through their difficult experiences; at the training we also tell some examples/stories from the fieldwork. We have already provided this 3-hour training to hundreds of volunteers: all of ours, plus new teams in Finland and in the Czech Republic (Brno & Prague), the Psy-Fi festival team in the Netherlands, and an Eastern European international network.


Levente Móró is a PhD candidate in the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Turku in Finland. He researches the topic of altered states of consciousness (ASC), particularly dreaming, hypnosis, hallucinations, and psychedelic drugs. Within the topic of psychedelics, his special areas are online drug-user communities, sacramental and spiritual drug use (entheogens), and psychedelic harm reduction at parties and festivals. Residing in Budapest, he is the current president of the Hungarian MAPS organisation.