Overload Therapy

Ekipa Overload v aprilu zopet prireja event z njihovimi gosti, tokrat v Termah Dobrna. Gostili bodo več slovenskih DJ-jev in poplesavali do poznega jutra in še naprej z gosti iz Berlina in Vicenze...

We all need it once in a while.

It’s necessary for our well-being.

A nice, relaxing Therapy.

Everyone who seeks therapy is a unique individual, so the therapy will be tailored to fit your specific needs.
Where to find a good therapist and nice relaxing location? No worries, we got it covered! We’re offering you a much needed getaway in one of the most special and beautiful surroundings that you can imagine. What else can be more therapeutic than hanging out with cool people and some great music to relax to or envigorate your spirit? Come and recharge your mind, body and soul, relax or go wild. Anything you want is ok with us.


Hannah Addams / Disconnekt / Berlin

Ivan Cadiz / Locura / Vicenza

Brlee/ Overload Records

Cajhen/ Overload Records

Mobo / Magnetik

Official after hours:

LinBer Lynx

Luca Onia

Dj PipiLeto


Sieve Eleven


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