NIGHTS2016 Berlin

26. avgust 2016|Novice|Aktualno|Obvestila

NIGHTS2016 konferenca o nočnem življenju, kjer bodo najrazličnejši predavatelji predstavljali klubsko in festivalsko kulturo, politiko drog, nove trende in razvojne pristope mestne kulture, pa vse do novih trendov uporabe drog. Potekala bo v Berlinu od 24. do 26.11.

Dear NEWNet members

We are excited to announce that the NIGHTS2016 conference get to be more and more concrete. It will be an amazing conference with many of as an active part of it! It looks really that goal to bring together the different expertise about the nightlife has been achieved. There will be people representing the festival and club culture, health issues, new trends and city development approaches. The content will be wider than ever, from the integration potential of the nightlife culture to the new trend on drug use. But also drug policy will be one of the topic of the conference!

BUT to make the conference successful we need the support of all of you and even of your personal and professional networks. Everybody in Europe should to know - that this conference will be held from the 24th to the 26th of November in Berlin!

The NIGHTS 2016 Berlin – STADT NACH ACHT – conference will take place at one of the most attractive nightlife cities in the world. Berlin is not only «poor and sexy», the city is dynamic and growing fast. Berlin has become a magnet for partygoers, musicians, sub culture activists and creative heads from all over the world: a sign that a vibrant nightlife is an important urbanism and city image factor.  For the first time the NIGHTS 2016 Berlin – STADT NACH ACHT – conference brings the night disciplines; urban planning, party culture, party politics, night time economy and health under one umbrella. International speakers will present their own expertise, newest study results and good practice experiences.

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