Moment bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

29. september 2017 ob 22:00


ǂ ǂ Vsak četrtek komaj čakate petek? Ali tudi vi sanjate o popolnem zaključku delovnega tedna? Ste tudi vi željni plesnega razgibavanja ?

♫ Mi imamo odgovor za vas !

Po uspešnih AFTER ALL večerih in jutrih, nam ni preostalo drugega kot ponoviti vajo. Tokrat bo zvezda eventa naš slavljenec, Aljaž Tišler -DJ ALYCEA- , ki nas bo s svojimi ritmi popeljal od HARDETCHNA in vse do TECH HOUSA.

ǂ ǂ Tokratno glasbeno popotovanje vas bo peljalo od TECH HOUSA, TECHNA, HARDTECHNA in spet nazaj ǂ ǂ

ǂ Prepustite se našim ritmom in pustite da vas glasba odpelje… AFTER ALL vsi smo ENO, vsi smo GLASBA, vsi smo PLES ǂ

Pridružite se nam v petkovi after work poslastici v Moment Baru, kjer vas bomo temeljito razgibali z intenzivnimi ritmi elektronske glasbe.

♫ ! AFTER ALL! ♫
ǂǂ V 12+ urni poslastici vas bodo razgibavali ǂ ǂ


Silvio was born on February 14, 1993. At the age of 19 he moved to Trieste to work without his family.
His passion for electronic music was born at a very early age. In fact, with all his savings, Silvio bought all the necessary equipment to start playing in
Trieste wherever he got the chance.
In the last year Silvio played in several Ljubljiana Clubs (Mclub, Moment Bar, ClubSeven (ex Lipa), but lately, he is devoting much more to the production of tracks.
He is currently collaborating with Boltzmann, a great DJ/producer of Electro (Ex Dataminions).


Back in 2008, Mindwalk decided to start music career. He really finded peace in it, so he started expressing his feelings through music. Mindwalk really loves collective vibe and knows how to connect with the crowd. He enjoys entertaining people while mixing music. He first started with production and later in year 2010, become a DJ too. Mindwalk released tracks and remixes on Techsturbation records, Naughty pills records, Intuition recordings PT. Infintech Records (Spain)etc... He played on Eco festival, many clubs, parties & after parties across Slovenia. Mindwalk’s sets are definetly something to listen & expirience it.

Dj Xennon aka Sašo Žnideršič was born in 1982 in Slovenia. At the age of 14 he got introduced for the first time with electronic music when he started visiting parties. At that time in clubs were only house or techno music, but after 2000 the schranz appeared. In the year 2005 he bought his first turntables and his firsts vinyls. Schranz, vinyls and hard and fasts beats become his passion, but he’s also familiar with Dj some techno, house, trance, D’n’b, electro-minimal and hardcore. Since then he is active as a Dj for quite long time. He was invited to play in famous clubs in Slovenia as Club Simfonija, Inbox (former Fun Factory), Heaven, Bollywood, Močilnik and Club Pržanček, Afrika and Impulse. He played in the company of well known Djs such as Dave Clark, Waldhaus, Motormofoses aka Eto and Gab, Greg Notill, Darius Gee, Yhunyxy, Viper XXL, Instigator, Ocram, The Madox, Lexis, Daniel Gloomy, Numarex , etc. He is influenced by some top hardtechno Djs, like Instigator, Psychodrums, Barbers, Svetec, Sepromatiq and Buchecha and many more. Looks like he’s some serious banging stuff!



▶▶ BöZIN





ǂ AFTER OD 05:00 = 5€

Vreme Ljubljana

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