Space Sailing Episode 1 / Slovenia Edition.

Orto bar, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

4. oktober 2019 ob 23:00

-------SPACE SAILING --------
__________EPISODE 1___________

LACERTA (Forestdelic Reocrds) Ukraine

Symbiosis of two lizards: Alexander Trufanov aka (Ala Kato). Russia - Karelia and Andrey Averin aka (djOkujah). Ukraine – Crimea. The conceptual experiment created by the magical forests of Karelia and Crimea, combines the bright colors of the magical sound. Lacerta sound is a mixture of night psychedelic trance smoothly turning into the morning tunes.

KALA (Forestdelic Records) Slovenia

Developing it’s authentic sound and having passed through different levels in exploration of music production techniques, Kala is now a synonym for pure groovy dancefloor psychedelica. The sound is a pretty diverse array of moods and rhythms which works in almost every indoor and outdoor party or festival setting, as long as true psychedelic stomping music is required. Kala performances are already heard on many big festivals and parties around the world. If you want an ear-on proof of the cosmic experience that happens on Kala’s performances, be sure not to miss the next time you see it on your party or festival line-up.

SHIVAOM (Spacebaby records) Ukraine

Andrei Averin AKA DJ Okujah have been playing psytrance since 1998 and has organized countless parties in his native Ukraine, including the annual international festival Misterika. The ShivaOm project has been created early 2005 and has been making music in such genres as Forest Psychedelic, Goa and Chill Out.

In 2011 Andrei started creating psychedelic digital art under the ShivaOmArt brand, organized an exibit and established an internet shop that showcases his creations.

ZWOOK (Apsurdistan) Slovenia

"Bojan Vukic aka dj Zwook ( Zvuk ) is well known Slovenian psy & goa trance dj, producer,promotor and talented graphic designer.
He started his dj career back in the break of dawn of the 21st century. With his fellow djs Tyma & Naveen, he started organizing first indoor & outdoor psy-trance parties in the country. Together they managed to bring some of the most notorious live acts and djs to Slovenia and built up the foundation of psy-trance movement in the country. He held residency at best underground clubs in Ljubljana and rest of the country. Channel Zero, Gala Hala and K4 to name a few. Nowadays he’s playing for collective Dancing Dragon and running his own party organization Apsurdistan and Spiritual Submarine.



Lunar Deco (Forestdelic Records) Macedonia


Iluzzan (Forestdelic records)


This event is limited type.. We accept just 150 people on board.
Please be on time if you want to sail with us!!!

Location: Ortobar / Ljubljana
Enter: 12 eur

………..( ♦ o)
.—oOO– (_)—–.
║ Invite your dearest friends!║
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……. ooO Oo

Vreme 1000 Ljubljana

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