od:vod pres. Infoline

Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenija

1. december 2018 ob 22:00

DrogArt informatorji

od:vod presents Infoline in a former bicycle factory

Music by:
Infoline (Walid - Infoline Les Points & Audino) / 7h dj set
Kosta & Simm.

Visuals by Kfsh

What is Infoline?
Infoline indicates new content components via an intuitive union of several media forms. We see the medium record/cover as a placeholder that does not contain enough information or limits itself only to the audio (music). The goal is to break open that standard by collaborating with designers, artists and musicians to find the improbable (formula) within the limit (format). The label Infoline is built on that collaboration because via that connection the network of possibilities grows and the intensification becomes more complex.

Vreme Ljubljana

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 28.11.2018 8:33

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