AmbientSoup #5 Valentino Kanzyani, rouge-ah, Lavka

Botanični vrt, Ljubljana, Slovenija

9. avgust 2018 ob 18:00

Posebna 5. edicija ambientsoup dogodka, ki se bo tokrat zgodil v Botaničnem vrtu v Ljubljani.

Valentino Kanzyani (ambient healling klinik hybrid DJ set)
rouge-ah (electric & acoustic harp)


Artwork: Blaž Rojs

▻ Start: 18.00

▻ Vstopnina: 10€

▻ Prijave:

Predprodaja: TBA

▻ Posebna zahvala Studiu Cepelin, Sebastjanu ter Luxu za tehnično podporo.

Hosted by Nitz

Many audience members want to hear everything and the normal standard of courtesy is to be silent as much as possible while the music is playing.
Try to use the bar/smoking area for conversations. It’s important to give full look-out to our guests and have no interruption during their performance.

Out of respect for the artists, the venue and all of the other attendees, be polite and don’T
Stay out of the others way as much as possible.
Flash photography is not recommended.

Please arrive early to complete the last piece of the puzzle and create the environment that greatly values individual freedom of expression.

Vreme Ljubljana

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