Deep Motion

Coco cafe & Beach bar, Portorož, Slovenija

29. junij 2018 ob 23:00

predstavlja Petek 29.6.2018!
Deep Motion of Sputnik
Deep, vocal House music! ♥
After 1am tech-house music.

Sputnik is a dj, many years on the scene. His musical passion begins playing piano and the age of 15 he begins spin records. With 90’s he starts playing house-commercial sound moving in the house scene in Trieste, his birth place. He becomes resident dj at Matt where he plays new-wave and then he moves to Vertigo, always in Trieste. Moving back to his roots, he tums his musical taste into joy-band dound like Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Virgin Prunes, Daf and many others...And his sets becomes progressive-dreams, playing in Rimini at Chellophan club and Plasmophobia,itinerant one night in the North of Italy. The turning point in his career is back in 1996 when Slovenian club scene grows up: Ambasada Gavioli borns, in Izola and Sputnik become immediately resident dj in techno nights spinnin’ records with Valentino Kanziani and Umek, resident too. He warms up best world djs(Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke remembering only some names...)refining his sound and musical culture back to back with them. His name became sinonimous of techno scene and Sputnik moves in Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenjia, Netherlands playing in best clubs across Europe.

Nowaday his sets are at borders of house sounds, towards techno-electro waves with many flashbacks on 70’s and 80’s, always taking a look to the dancefloor. After collaboration and various studio works, he decides to improve himself in studio works, he decidesto improve himself in studio world as producer and remixer.


Starostna Omejitev / Age Limit / Limite D’eta : 18+
Prost Vstop / Free Entrance / Ingresso Libero / Besplatan Ulaz
:: Rezervacije Miz / Table Reservation / Prevendita Tavoli / Rezervacije Stolova ::

T:+386 (0) 40/164-440 JASMINA (Slo,Eng,Hrv)
:: TAXI ::
T: + 386 (0) 51 303 100
COCO CAFE. Obala 14a, 6320 Portoroz, Slovenija
T:+386 (0) 40/164-440 JASMINA (Slo, Eng, Hrv)

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