Flek fest - Barvit vstop v poletje!

Center Mladih Koper, Koper, Slovenija

15. junij 2018 ob 18:00

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⚡️ Doživi vzdušje partyja in vstopi v poletje barvito, sproščeno in zabavno! Barve, elektronika, ples in ustvarjanje pašejo skupaj.

Mladi med 15. in 29. letom imajo BREZPLAČEN vstop.
Za vse ostale pa 2,00 €

Začnemo ob 18.00:
// kŠOK barv - ustvarjalnice in plesne animacije
// DJs
zmagovalec natečaja "DJ POZOR"
Tomy DeClerque

⚡️ Entra nell’estate in modo colorito, rilassato e divertente!
Workshop di colori e animazioni di danza.
Esibizioni di musicisti consolidati ed emergenti.
Seguici, ulteriori informazioni seguono presto!

Kdo pa sta Boltzmann in Tomy DeClerque?
In his young age Boltzmann attended elementary music school, where he acquired classic music education. While in secondary school he got in touch with electronic music. At the break of the Millennium he realized what his future will be - playing and producing electronic music. He started his career on two cd-players and began to play techno and electro music. After a short time he realized that in order to stay in time with ever evolving electronic music he needed to exchange cd-players with turntables. So he bought three of them. In 2002 he organized his first electronic music event and later established, along with ten other enthusiasts, an association for promotion and distribution of electronic music, called SDJF. Together they have organized numerous succesful events and invited many world wide known DJs. During his career he played along with great names like: Kiko Richard Bartz, Da Fresh, Thomas P.Heckmann, X-Prodigy, Electrixx, Len Faki, C. Just, Rino Cerrone, Bando,Toni Rios, Paul Hazendonk, Jamie Bissmire, Soul Preacher and many more... In the year 2004 he started to produce electronic music. As he adores synths, he appreciates artists who use them frequently in their music, therefore DJ Umek, Huntemann, Anthony Rother and Da Fresh have a big influence on Boltzmann’s work, not to forget the legendary English group Depeche Mode. Mostly he produces electro, but he also collaborates in different music projects. At the end of year 2006, Boltzmann..s track "MY PLACE" was released by HOME MADE ELECTRONICA REC. and quickly became one of the top 100 downloaded tracks on the world wide known online shop beatport.com His goal is to make his music notable to others with a unique and genuine sound bringing "electro-love" everywhere he plays.

Tomy DeClerque:
Throughout his youth, Tomy DeClerque witnessed at first hand the development of Slovenia’s electronic
dance scene. As techno artists such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani found global recognition and the
country’s club scene thrived, it presented the perfect opportunity for a young DeClerque to ride the wave.
His first foray into the world of production came alongside his long- time friend Zox. Together they had
early successes with "My Desire" and "Music Makes Me Happy". The latter being licensed to a number of compilations, was also selected by Pete Tong as the Essential New Tune on his BBC radio show.
DeClerque was to take a break from the hectic DJ and producer lifestyle. On his return, it was time to head out
solo. His early work for Circle Music, Sprout and Jesus Loved You, brought him much attention and, over the past two years, he has rapidly built a strong following with his work for labels including Intec Digital, BluFin, 1605, Terminal M, Toolroom, Cr2 and more...
As a young player, Tomy DeClerque has accomplished a lot. But he is determined to accomplish even more.
"You’ll hear a lot about me in the future" he promises.

Vreme Koper

PartiZadnja sprememba: 5.6.2018 12:42

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