Open Decks

Moment bar, Ljubljana, Slovenija

4. maj 2018 ob 23:00

Open Decks for the first time in Moment Bar. This is an opportunity to show what it takes to be a Dj, share your skills and also meet new people through the music.

So bring your music, headphones and friends. Everybody can go live and can get sets recorded.

To SIGN UP write us a private message with your Dj name, style and send us links, ;) Please send us also full name of company or booking agent - contract must be sign 3 days before the event (travel expenses, taxes, booking fee, artist fee, ect).

Remember this is not a competition but an opportunity to meet other people who share the same passion in life - "MUSIC".

Waiting you to sine up ;)

Age Limit: 18+

Location: Moment Bar

Start: 22:00 PM
End: 12:00 AM

7 eur*

Vreme Ljubljana

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 3.5.2018 10:47

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