Mariborska praln'ca - Pupi's b-day bash

Gustaf, Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenija

26. maj 2018 ob 23:00

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@ Dvorana Gustaf, Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia



Performing artists:

:::... DREO ...:::
IT - Asteroid rec.

:::... TIAS ...:::
CRO - Outside connection

:::... MAJKL M ...:::
SI - Hardtechno is my religion

:::... MARC D’VIRUS ...:::
SI - Slovenian hardtechno unity

:::... GIGI ...:::
SI - Oldies goldies vinyl set

:::... SILVESTER ...:::
SI - Hardtechno is my religion

start @ 6 a.m.

:::... IC ...:::
CRO - Outside connection

:::... D MAYK B ...:::

:::... BENSHEE ...:::

:::... MATEJ CELEC ...:::

:::... ROBERTO ...:::


Dreo was born in a little town near Trieste in Italy, as a child he listened all kinds of electronic music. His first electronic music party was in year 2005, after that his desire to spin music arose. Soon after that he started to play techno and hardtechno. Up until today he played in many clubs in Italy and Slovenia – Cube, Etnoblog, Simfonija, Subsub, Ambasada Gavioli and many more.

He started to listen electronic music when he was 13, in 2013 he started to mix tracks in his room, only 2 years after he plays at many clubs in his city and wider ..
3 years after he bacames a resident DJ of Nina Boat Club in his hometown .. He played on partyes with artists like : Johnny Kaos, Tkno, Unique, D.R.N.D.Y, Bassel Darwish, Tomy DeClerque and others..his style is dark groovy techno with robotic vocals... at this opportunity he will play Hardtechno.

Starting out as an Open Format DJ in 2009, it took him a while to figure out what music he actually wanted to play. But in 2015, prompted by his love of electronic music, he decided to shake things up a bit and changed his style. This bold move certainly paid off - his talent and effort didn’t go unnoticed. He soon became the resident at Nina Boat Club and later on performed alongside many notable DJs, such as D.R.N.D.Y., Uto Karem, Alexander Kowalski, Fabian Jakopetz, Johnny Kaos, Marina Karamarko, Lea Dobricic and many others.

His style is most accurately described as a compelling fusion of Tech House and Melodic Techno.

ROBERTO aka. Rob Renson

Roberto Orbanić aka Rob Renson was born in 1989. in Osijek (Croatia). As a child, Rob Renson showed interest in music and at the age of 10 years he enrolled in the elementary music school and began playing the saxophone. After completing elementary school music at the age of 14 years he stop with classical music and began listening to electronic music. Years have passed, but his passion and love for music continued to grow and Rob Renson began producing his own DnB, Dub and Hip Hop music. In 2007. Rob bought his first dj equipment turntables and starts mixing DnB, Hip Hop and electronic music. In 2009. he shows a growing interest in electronic music and starts producing electronic music. His music genres are house, groovy tech house and minimal.

Vreme Maribor

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