Universe presents: Forestdelic records

MC, Velenje, Slovenija

30. marec 2018 ob 23:00


Gail is an old and wicked Ent that lives in the nearby forest. Besides his extraordinary personality, he is also well known for his exquisite taste in all the weirdest and twisted styles of music that can be found back in these woods. He pays regular visits to the many different caves and groves where the best of the forest musicians gather to ’cook their stuff’ and so he has all the fresh and most tasty tunes around. It is a well known secret in the forest, that Gail has a special trail that goes through all these musicians’ places from where he picks the tunes, and that its the only place where a creature can have an ear on them, for Gail always plays some along the way! Shhhh! The Forestdelic crew knows the whereabouts of this trail, and this time they are inviting you to have some time with Gail on his quest for a decent forestdelia. They have marked some special spots on this trail where the most wicked of his tunes are to be heard, so if you’re up for some really nasty blasting, then hurry with that brew and join the crew - ’cos the forest never sounded better!
They had an idea to make parties and came up with Forestdelic in order to promote quality psychedelic music. They have made a couple of parties in venues around Slovenia, welcoming artists including Yudhisthira, Dissociactive, Unitone, Phobos Azazel and others. After a couple of great parties and a positive feedback, they decided to make a label which shall gather all the young, prospective artists and the already known ones. The idea is to pick the Slovenian scene up and promote its sound around the globe.
Line up:

KALA (Forestdelic records)

Developing an authentic sound and having passed through different levels in exploration of music production techniques, Kala is now a synonym of pure groovy dancefloor psychedelica fully present in the debut album ’Cosmic Caravan’ and the latest EP on native Forestdelic records. The sound is a pretty diverse array of moods and rhythms which works in almost every indoor and outdoor party or festival setting, as long as true psychedelic stomping music is required. The evidence of this can be found amongst many witnesses from many dancefloors around the world like: Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia, Brazil, Lebanon, Swisserland, Albania, Bulgary, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Nedherlands. And if you want an ear-on proof of the cosmic experience that happens on Kala’s performances, be sure not to miss next time you see it on your party or festival line-up.
SKOKNIPALOKNI (Forestdelic records)

SkokniPaLokni is Dejan Milakovic from Kranj,Slovenia. After years of listeningto different kinds of electronic music, he got in touch withe the trance sound back in 1994. Inspired by the punk movment, he start DJ-ing and mixing different styles of music, from old-school goa trance to deep forest psychedelic tunes. He has played numerous sets in Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and others. You can also hear his sets containing soon-to-be released music on Forestdelic.
TIANN (Forestdelic records)

Tiann is a new generation Slovenian psytrance DJ and producer. He has beenworking with music since highschool days, but after visiting his first psytrance party he became very interested into psychedelic electronics. One year later, he started DJ-ing and very soon becam a resident DJ in club Mizzart (Metlkova, Ljubljana). In the past few years he has been playing beside projects like Hux Flux, Dissociactive, Psilocybian, Phobos Azazel, Kala, Chromatone, Assioma, Ianuaria, Dharma... In 2012 he also became a member of Forestdelic records. His sets are colored with groovy bass lines flowing from a deeper, not melodic tunes to the morning brighter psychedelics.
GROOVE BEAR (Universe)

Jernej Gruber, known as Grove Bear, first came in contact with electronic music in late 90 listening to mix-tapes on Compact Cassettes from his elder siblings. When he saw his brother manipulating sound effects on computer for a theatre show he developed a fascination with electronic sound manipulation. Soon after he started experimenting on his own. His first steps in DJ-ing were made with his friend. Karman Energy as they were called, started DJ-ing on drum and bass gig’s in local town. After experiencing OZORA festival for the first time, they embraced psychedelic music and performed in an underground event in Belgium.
After duos separation, Groove Bear’s focus remains in psychedelic music, even though he is still experimenting with other genres like House, Dub Techno and Drum And Bass.
He is also one of the people who first brought psychedelic movement to Velenje, his local town in Slovenia which later evolved to society Universe.
BLAAZNY (Universe)

Blaazny, known as Klemen Blažič is a young Dj and one of the founding members of Universe crew (Društvo Universe) from Velenje, Slovenia. First contact he made with electronic music was in the early years of high school, since then he listens to all kinds of electronic music. After experiencing his first psychedelic festival he fell in love with psychedelic music. He started mixing about 2 years ago and since then he plays mostly in Velenje. Even though the psychedelic music is his main genre, he also likes to experiment with different types of electronic music, such as tech house and dark tech, basically everything with a psychedelic groove.



...see you on the dance floor....

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