Forestdelic / Space Sailing / Episode 2

Orto bar, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

1. december 2017 ob 22:00

We are continuing our space sailing. This time we are going even deeper in the space together with our space cosmonauts: Atriohm, Yudhisthira, AntHill and SkokniPaLokni..

So welcome aboard and let’s sail together!

Pirates on board:

ATRIOHM (Parvati Records) Macedonia

The Atriohm project was created during the year 2003 by the brothers Leonid and Aleksandar Golcev from Skopje, Macedonia.
Both have a musical education and have been involved in various musical projects: Leonid as a keyboard player and Aleksandar as a drummer.
They discovered psytrance music back in 1996 when they got touched by the magic of that sound at a party and soon after they started at first to dj chill-Out and psy-trance and then to compose their own music.
Their sound is distinguished by the magical atmospheres created thanks to massive psychedelic twists, organic sounds, deep basses and cruising melodies.
The Atriohm project have released several tracks, down tempo and trance, on different labels, like Parvati, Peak, Auraquake and have played live in some of the biggest parties and psy-trance festivals around the world.
In 2009 they released on Parvati, together with other Macedonian artist Encepalophaticys, the split album UKALEN which is regarded to be one of the milestones for the recent psy-trance music.
After the release of Ukalen Leo decided to focus on his chill project Tengri, so now behind the Atriohm compositions we find only Sashe!

ANTHILL (Forestdelic Records) Slo/Mk

Out of the depths of the Macedonian underground, a duo with a unique character is making a groundbreak on the international scene with their debut ep this Spring on Forestdelic records. Ogi (Yudhisthira) and Darko (Kala) have joined their powers in creating AntHill, a kicking new project of non-compromising night time psychedelic trance, exploring full power blasting dance music fuelled by their individual experience and production skills.

YUDHISTHIRA (Forestdelic Records) Macedonia

Yudhisthira is a symbiosis of many different musical influences and since its forming in 1997 it represents a definition for uncompromised pure psychedelic trance. Being planted as a seed in the most fertile times for the goa/psychedelic scene, it has slowly sprung its roots deep within the foundational grounds of the movement, all the while keeping pace with the ever changing levels of production standards and the evolution of sound synthesis.
The now fully grown tree is constantly bearing delicious fruits that have been carefully packed by different labels such as: Forestdelic, Sangoma, Purple Hexagon, Blue Hour Sounds, Vertigo, Glowing Flame etc. Up till date Yudhisthira has been featured in the line ups of the biggest festivals such as Boom, Ozora, Antaris and various others such as: Lost Theory, Tree of Life, Trimurti, Tangra, ChillOut Planet, God Bless, MetsaFestival to name a few and has toured almost every country around the planet from Japan, India, Russia, whole of Europe all the way to Brazil.

SKOKNIPALOKNI (Forestdelic Records) Slovenia

SkokniPaLokni is Dejan Milakovic from Kranj, Slovenia. After years of listening to different kinds of electronic music, he got in touch with the trance sound back in 1994. Inspired by the punk movement, he started DJ-ing and mixing different styles of music, from old-school goa trance to deep forest psychedelic tunes. He has played numerous sets in Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and others. You can also hear his sets containing soon-to-be released music on Forestdelic.




Be on time!!! Our boat can accept just 150 peoples on board!

Boat opening doors: 23:00
Limit: Age 18+
Enter : 13

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.—oOO– (_)—–.
║ Invite your dearest friends!║
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