Pr’Skelet, Ljubljana, Slovenija

27. oktober 2017 ob 22:00

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It is that time of the year again. Time when witches go riding, freaks come out at night, black cats are seen and the moon laughs and whispers.
We’re calling all goblins, ghosts, witches and creatures of the night to join us on this huge Pre-Halloween party.

Aney F.]

† UPTECH Tadej Abina

† MATT CUBERO Matej Jurič

† INNEAS Enej Mislej

† SUANO Suad Murič

† DECAY Bojan Krejic

† CELEC Matej Celec

Cover designed by:
Entry fee: 10 €
Age Limit: 18+
Location: Pr’Skelet
Start: 22:00 PM
End: 07:00 AM

Vreme Ljubljana

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