Radioactive vibes present Vertical Mode

Ambasada Gavioli - Privee, Izola, Slovenija

14. januar 2017 ob 23:00

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We are really happy to present you one of the top Progressive Psy projects in the world , coming direct from the Israelis golden Hommega Productions , ladies and gentlemen the "one and only" Vertical Mode.

On their side we have also a very perspective duo from Italy , called the The P.Cycles Brothers and the "old fox" from Croatia by the name of DJ Nard.

Beside all of this freaks we have also a very strong Slovenian connection :-) Only 4 you , the Maestro Reaky , the Legend Supernova dj. Kristof , the Talent Recruit Music and the Protege Electrode.

We promise you that it’s gonna be a hell of a night :-)
Be There ! #RV

Vertical Mode is the new collaboration force of 2 generations. On one side you have the veteran and much respected Moshe Keinan, better known as XEROX and on the other side the young and explosive Hanan Gorenshtien aka VOLCANO. Together they form the ultimate alliance of the old school psychedelic experience blended perfectly with the new blood of progressive trance power. Each of their tracks possess a solid base of deep vibrations and ultra sonic laser shots , bringing forth a fresh start to a new way of psychedelic story telling. Vertical Mode are the future of psy progressive trance - deep , driving and psychedelic.

Come dance with us ;-) Radioactive Vibes

Line Up:

VERTICAL MODE (Israel) - Hommega Productions

REAKY - Midnight Resurrection


RECRUIT - Headroom

DJ NARD (Croatia) - Trancealpine

THE P.CYCLES BROTHERS (Italy) - T.T.M. Records

ELECTRODE - Radioactive Vibes


START at 23:00 - END at 07:00

ENTRY: 15e

There will be limited amount of tickets 400 at the door

+ Official Afterparty

After party Line Up:

& many more

support by:
Akrobatik Group

Vreme Izola

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