Forestdelic Sailing Pt. 3

Orto, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2. december 2016 ob 23:00

We are small group of peacefull pirates who invites you to our small pirat ship, for a warm and nice sailing! Be part of it.. 150 peoples limit.

Pirates on board:

(Occulta Rec - Omveda Rec) Brazil / Netherland

Back to Mars played her first Psytrance DJ sets at the legendary underground 9Lives of Hofmann parties in Amsterdam, back in 2001. Since then she grew as an international DJ, playing in major festivals like O.Z.O.R.A., MoDem, Boom Festival, Psy-Fi, Antaris, Universo Paralello, Sonica, Utopia, Solstice and more.

A diverse DJ, she can play day time to power night music. Some of her favorite styles are Forest, Dark Psy, Psy Prog and Dark Prog. As well as playing specific one-style sets, she can also combine them to create transitions on the dance floor. Currently representing Occulta records and Omveda Records, she is also part of two female collectives: Magnetika and Psysisters.

Outside of the decks, she writes articles for Psytrance magazines and is also the person behind the music line ups from Bom Voyage, Trance Orient Express and Solstice Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As well as Psytrance, she also plays alternative styles like Dub Techno, Deep House & Tech-Psy under her side project Marciana.

KALA (Forestdelic Records)

Developing it’s authentic sound and having passed through different levels in exploration of music production techniques, Kala is now a synonym of pure groovy dancefloor psychedelica fully present in the debut album ’Cosmic Caravan’ and the latest EP on native Forestdelic records. The sound is a pretty diverse array of moods and rhythms which works in almost every indoor and outdoor party or festival setting as long as true psychedelic stomping music is required, the evidence of which you can find amongst the many witnesses from the many dancefloors around the world from Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia, Brazil, Lebanon, Swisserland, Albania, Bulgary, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Nedherlands. And if you want an ear-on proof of the cosmic experience that happens on Kala’s performances, be sure not to miss the next time you see it on your party or festival line-up.

TIANN (Forestdelic Records)

Tiann is a new generation Slovenian psytrance dj and producer. He has been working with music since highschool days, but after visiting his first psytrance party he became very interested into the psychedelic electronics. One year later, he started dj-ing and very soon became a resident dj in club Mizzart (Metelkova, Ljubljana). In the past few years he has been playing beside projects like Hux Flux, Dissociactive, Psilocybian, Phobos Azazel, Kala, Chromatone, Assioma, Ianuaria, Dharma … In 2012 he also became a member of Forestdelic Records. His sets are colored with groovy bass lines flowing from a deeper, not melodic tunes to the morning, brighter psychedelics.

SWARGA (Pirat style)

Swarga is a basement creation by two friends, K Tull Dool and Nexetuku. They started exploring the psychedelic scene and partying at psytrance events together about 6 years ago. A seed was planted in their minds immediately. It started to grow and together with their enthusiasm, musical background and love for music this project was started.
Swarga played at a few club parties and outdoor events around Slovenia and was also featured on the national radio station. In 2015 they had a great opportunity to play at Samsara Festival Europe their chillout music (DJ/Live). They played again there in 2016.
DJing or producing, they combine different elements and approaches to expand their musical knowledge.





Be on time because our boat can accept just 150 peoples on it!

Boat opening doors: 23:00
Limit: Age 18+
Enter : 10 eur

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║ Invite your dearest friends!║
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