Quad Logos presents: Kamnik Open Air #2 - Fobi Live Act!

Kamniška Bistrica, open air, Slovenija

3. september 2016 ob 21:00

Ponosno najavljamo, da bo ob koncu outdoor sezone v idilični naravi Kamniške Bistrice potekal že drugi Kamnik Open Air. Tokrat bomo gostili makedonskega velemojstra temačnih psihadeličnih ritmov, lastnika in vodjo založbe Dark Wizards ter krivca za nastanek številnih albumov in kompilacij Darka Velkovskega a.k.a. Fobi-ja!

We are proudly announcing that at the end of the outdoor season there will be a second Kamnik Open Air event located in the idilic nature of Kamniska Bistrica. This time we are hosting macedonian master of dark psychedelic rhythmes, owner and manager of Dark WIzards Records and creator of various albums and compilations Darko Velkovski a.k.a. Fobi!
Fobi is the musical project of Darko Velkovski, born in 12.04.1987 and residing in the magic country of Macedonia and who expresses all his musical inspiration in his studio in the city Stip. He started listening to his beloved music around the year 1997, which was around the same time of one of the most amazing musical peaks in this specific music industry and the music from back then is still inspiring him up to the very day of today. After listening to Psychedelic music for about 3 years, this mad mental sound-manipulator decided to kick things off himself and he started DJ-ING in the year 2000. Just a bit later (in 2002) he already had his own personal project ‘Fobi’ up and running, which definitely showed that new era music was not a joke to this geezer. Till the day of today it has been majorly his dedication and discipline that are responsible for him writing an endless amount of mind blowing tunes. His first few songs were all written in Fruity Loops, after which he moved to more serious platforms like Logic and Cu-base, which meant a major shift and move forward in the direction of producing his astonishing and innovative sounds of nowadays. His music can be described as a brilliant fusion between the more morning orientated melodies as well as the nasty sick growly noises that are so typical for night-time music. This man blends them both together in a delicious delicate mixture, which is guaranteed to propel you into an oozing orbit.


• FOBI (Dark Wizards, Psycana/MK) – Live Act!


• NIBIRU (Dancing Dragon/SLO)

• PANIK SISTEMATIK – Balirka vs Sinonimus (Radioactive Vibes/SLO)

• INTIP CHURIN (Flying Carpet/SLO)

• CHEM TRAILERS – AGENT MUSHROOM vs Sound trigger (Flying Carpet/SLO)

• CHEMICAL CONTENT (Dropzone/Headroom/Perfecto records/SLO)

Dekoracije/Decorations: Psy-Fly Dreamcatchers & Decorations(SLO)/Chagadelia deco team (SLO)

Soundsystem: Maxxaudio Event Imperium

Start: 21.00h
Support/Prispevek: more info soon!
Lokacija/Location: Kamniška Bistrica, Kamnik, Slovenia (detailed path to the event will be added soon)
• Prosimo vas da ne onesnažujete narave; smeti in ogorke mečite v koše za smeti

• Kurjenje odprtega ognja je prepovedano

• Prosimo vas, da na dogodek ne vnašate lastne alkoholne pijače, saj drugače ne moremo pokriti vseh stroškov

• Kakršnokoli nasilje in agresija ne bosta tolerirana

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