WHO AM I? / Season closing! / 4.6.2016

Valentino, Ljubljana, Slovenija

4. junij 2016 ob 22:00

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Who Am I?

Vstopnina: 10€ Predprodaja, Regularna 12€, Na Vratih 15€

Who Am I se vrača za zaključek sezone. 04.06. je datum katerega bomo pozdravili poletje in si istočasno rekli zbogom vse dokler listje v jeseni ne začenja menjati barv.
Who Am I returns for the season closing. 04.06. is the date when we say hello to summer and at the same time goodbye till the leaves change colours again.
+21 Only. Masks, Dress to Impress, No Photos
Predprodajne vstopnice Presale tickets:
Presale ticket price: 10€ (includes a mask)
Regular: 12€ (includes a mask)
At the door: 15€ (Includes a mask)
Dreamgirl Slovenia Fashion show
New Spring&Summer edition
Saint&Sinner dance performance
By Biba
Bianca Brenčič
SportFit Pole dance Studio
Table reservation: 00386(0)41456922
Na voljo tudi VIP mize / VIP tables available also
(v diskretno ograjenem prostoru z VIP hostesami / discreet area with VIP hostesses)
Music selection: House (Deep house, Techhouse, Classics and other sexy vibes)
"Painted faces, pretty lies
Time to don the disguise
Raise the curtain, start the show
If you’re good, they’ll never know
Hide who you are and what you feel
Thoughts, emotions you conceal.

We are different people in every situation
Yes, we are the masters of adaptation
Chameleons, changing personalities
Our hearts and souls, the casualties
We try so hard to be who we think we should
Then we cry when we’re misunderstood.

Our lives are spent in permanent costume
Wake up, look at these lies consume
All you are, the one hidden deep inside
Will be lost forever if continuously denied."
Put the mask on, become a new man, let us take you to a forgin land, a land of mystery, passion, a land with Dreamgirl, where ladies shine like the brightest pearl.


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