Spiritual SubMarine proudly presents BRAINWASH and COPY&PASTE!

Bazen Kranj, Kranj, Slovenija

20. maj 2016 ob 23:00

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Spiritual SubMarine in association with Teden Mladih 2016 proudly presents:
BRAINWASH Live-Act and COPY&PASTE Live-Act for the first time in Slovenia!

SLO: Coming soon! ¦)

- Brainwash (Fractal Records, Global Army Music, PORTUGAL)
- Copy & Paste (PsynOpticz Records, Global Army Music, PORTUGAL)

- Supernova dj. Kristof (Akrobatik Group, Mamis’magic, SI)
- Zwook (Kaliwood, Dancing Dragon, Spiritual SubMarine, SI)
- Necropsi (Disasterpeace Records, Spiritual SubMarine, SI)
- N.eo (Spiritual SubMarine, SI)

Visuals & Decorations:
- SpiritualSubMarine (SI)

- Early Bird Pre-Sale: 6€ (50 tickets only!)
- Pre-Sale: 7€
- Before Midnight: 8€
- After Midnight: 10€
- Wardrobe: 1€
- Age Restriction: 18+

- Brainwash:

- Copy&Paste:

- Supernova dj. Kristof:

- Zwook:

- Necropsi:

- N.eo:

- Others:

BRAINWASH and COPY&PASTE: Marco Pinto aka Brainwash was born in 1982 in Santarem (Portugal). He started his creative life in psychedelic trance as a dj in the year 2000, and 3 Years later he began to produce his own music and built his unique style very quickly. In 2008, after a few high profile releases & international bookings in Japan amongst others, Marco was offered the opportunity to be a part of Fractal Records from Switzerland, as well as the event promotor “Space Nomad”. In 2009, after some blasting new tracks on various Fractal compilations, he released his first album “Do You Feel My Hard Beat” & at the same time a collaboration compilation with DJ Solaris called “Gaia-Tek 2″. These 2 masterpieces were well received by the world wide psy trance community and further cemented Marco’s reputation as a quality producer and DJ. But he did not stop there, and has followed up with 2 further artist albums, Maximum Overload in 2010 and his recently released masterpiece Brainwash & Friends collaboration with some of the scene’s most loved and respected night psy producers. He has also released two neck breakingly powerful EP’s, one in 2011 on Fractal called Musical Experience, and his acclaimed Psychological War EP on Kaos Krew Records, a new ground breaking label formed in the beginning of 2012. The next chapter in Marco’s musical experience has arrived, and with it a fresh new signing to Kaos Krew Records, 3 new EP’s released in 2014 and an artist album being planned for the future, he is ready to continue his legacy he has carefully built through the years… So stay tuned & get ready for the brainwashing of your life!!!

Dj Supernova a.k.a. dj Kristof is Kristof Verovsek a veteran that first became involved in the music scene in his youth while helping with setting up sound systems for school dances and recitals. That is where he became familiar with the equipment and gathered his first experience as a DJ. In the nineties he came across the underground electronic music scene and he began a journey that took him from different new techno and trance styles to electronic psychedelic music to which he immediately connected so much that and became the basis of his future work as dj and producer. After an extensive experience in organizing events with his own crew Acrobatic, he joined Mami’s Magic crew. In music he is open to novelties and his performances are always colorful and full of pleasant surprises....Dj for day and night, he can fill the atmosphere on the dance floor at any time. His wast music bag contains all genres of psychedelic music, although he has a natural attraction for progressive, new aged goa sounds and full-on production.

ZWOOK: "Bojan Vukic aka dj Zwook ( Zvuk ) is well known Slovenian psy & goa trance dj, producer,promotor and talented graphic designer.
He started his dj career back in the break of dawn of the 21st century. With his fellow djs Tyma & Naveen, he started organizing first indoor & outdoor psy-trance parties in the country. Together they managed to bring some of the most notorious live acts and djs to Slovenia and built up the foundation of psy-trance movement in the country. He held residency at best underground clubs in Ljubljana and rest of the country. Channel Zero, Gala Hala and K4 to name a few. Nowadays he’s playing for collective Dancing Dragon and running his own party organization Apsurdistan and Spiritual Submarine.
His good sense of musical storytelling, technical sophistication and charisma behind the decks makes him one of the most desirable psy trance djs in Slovenia. As a dj with millions rpms of experience, his magic pocket of music selection is deep and vast. However, his sound is most likely to be hard and emotive, never linear and dry, but dynamic and rich. As a dj who gives his soul for the dancefloor, his sets are the unforgetful experience.
Numerous of dj sets in his country took him also abroad. He played throughout Balcan, most of Europe, India and Australia, such festivals as Antaris Project, FullMoon Festival, Life Celebration Festival, Koupadelik and numerous parties with artists like Chromatone, Scorb, Space Tribe, Sun Project, Digital Talk, Iliuchina, Hiyamizo, Midi Miliz, Xenomorph, Alien Project, Astral Projection, Zen Mechanic, Earthling, Talpa etc...

NECROPSI: Stefan Gladović aka. Necropsi, is a 25 year old from Kranj, Slovenia. His music path started when he was 13, he started to play drums. He played in some punk and metal bands till 2006 when he broke both of his arms on rollerblades. Because of that he was unable to play drums for a few years, but in 2007 Zwook (Bojan Vukić, one of the founders of Slovenian psy trance scene) took him to see his first psy trance party! Necropsi instantly fell in love with the music! Not long after that he wanted to learn how to mix, so he went to a friend that had turntables, mixer and some techno vinyls. Since that was not so hard, and it wasn’t music that he really liked, he borrowed CDJ-s and bought a mixer, burnt some psy trance cds and the madness began. He discovered night time full on and twilight psy trance and that was the style that he liked the most. In 2011 he organized his first psy trance party where he played in front of crowd for the first time. Since then parties got alot bigger, lineups and locations better, and Necropsi has played on most parties in Slovenia alongside Hiyamyzo, Hiyarant, Myzo, Sinful Reactions, Wired, Iliuchina, Del, Carnage, Noize Hunter, Dharma, Aodioiboa, Ianuaria, Assioma and more, even went abroad to Austria and Italy. In 2013 he got signed to South African record label Disasterpeace Rec. where he will release his first V.A. on 27. of august! His own production is already in making so stay tuned! ¦)

N.EO: N.eo aka space conductor. His job is to control the expansion of the universe. He is regulating the path and the speed of the planets to aviod an intergalactic collisions. All paths run through pre-planned rails to provide smooth cosmic rides. He is also an authorized nutritionist for a insatiable black holes. He invents a diet with earth pesticide that black holes remain fit and slim in vacuum and not to eat much needed materia.
Space is unlimited but music is relative.

Vreme Kranj

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