Alluvion Closing Night w/ Sandrino (Innervisions/Berlin), Marc Grabber, Brlee, Jagnje

ZOO, Ljubljana, Slovenija

29. april 2016 ob 23:30

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Our first Alluvion journey comes full circle on April 29th!

We’ve started with our first season in October 2015. Until now we’ve had the opportunity to bring you some very well-known, as well as some fresh names of deep electronic music: Kristijan Molnar (Christallization), Ilija Mandic aka The Interpreterr (Enter the Cube), Petar Dundov (Music Man, Cocoon, Circoloco), Magdalena (Diynamic Music) and Andrea Ljekaj (Get Physical, Elrow, Save Us). A major set of thank yous goes out to artists who contributed their work and beautiful energy and to everybody who’s danced with us. Not to forget the Alluvion residents Marc Grabber, Brlee & Jagnje, team members and our supporters.

On April 29th we are welcoming a true house music lover, great producer and a DJ that, along with his musical college Frankey stands behind the track of the season 2015 on the Ibiza DJ awards – ladies and gents – we present to you Sandrino!

Sandrino’s career took wings with a successful residency at Germany’s Butan Club. During this time he met Frank »Frankey« Beckers (D-Nox & Beckers) and the pair hit it off due to their shared musical perspective, resulting in the self-named project by 2010. It didn’t behold much time before their first creations were released by Twenty Records and Mood Music.

In 2014, Frankey & Sandrino sign “SAVE” to Innervisions. By the end of 2013, the title track was one of the most sought after records. Early 2015, the guys sign “Starchild/Lost” to the Zurich based Drumpoet Community. On this specific EP, they work together with the UK based vocalist Jinadu (The Beauty Room).

By April 2015 “Cephei” is released on MoodMusic, and is described as inter-galactic starlight house music.
June sees their biggest release to date: “Acamar/Lukida” on Innervisions. The duo also receives the award for Acamar, “Track of the season” on the Ibiza DJ Awards 2015.

Even though the tour diary gets busier and busier, Frankey & Sandrino find time to prepare their next breaking EP “Ways of the sun / Formax” on Drumpoet Community, released in December 2015.

So we’re much too much excited about the fact that Sandrino is coming to Ljubljana for the first time!
Don’t miss out on some extra after hours for this special closing party!

SANDRINO (Innervisions / Drumpoet Community / Mood Music; Berlin/GER)
MARC GRABBER (Alluvion Resident; CRO/SLO)
BRLEE (Alluvion Resident; SLO)
JAGNJE (Alluvion Resident; SLO)

Entry: 10€
PR & reservations:

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