Alluvion Residency #1

ZOO, Ljubljana, Slovenija

9. oktober 2015 ob 23:00

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Alluvion explores minimal, emotional and melancholic shades of house and techno music through intimate parties, quality deejays, podcasts and music releases.

We are inviting you to the first Alluvion Residency event of the season and at the same time we will mark the beginning for our team work. We are joining our forces and positive energies so you can have a night to remember. Quality DJ programme, superfluid and heart melting music in a cosy clubbing atmosphere will make you drift with the stream.

Heralds of overwhelming flow are:

Kristijan Molnar (Christallization; Beograd/SRB)

Ilija Mandić (Enter The Cube; Novi Sad/SRB)

Marc Grabber (Alluvion resident; CRO/SLO)

Brlee (Alluvion resident; SLO)

Jagnje (Alluvion resident; SLO)

Entry: 6 €
Guestlist & reservation info:
Location: ZOO club, Tržaška 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Start: 11 PM
End: 6 AM

Vreme Ljubljana

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