May I Funk With You

Plac 33/45, Ljubljana, Slovenija

13. maj 2015 ob 22:00


DEN7EL + live VOCAL (Martina Mravinec) and INSTRUMENT act

DEN7EL a.k.a. Denis Honsić is a 24 year old music producer from the town of Novo mesto, who currently lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has always devoted his free time to music and creativity. In the beginning, he focused on writing lyrics and producing rap instrumentals, but soon he broadened his horizons to include other genres of music. He became a DJ because of his enthusiasm for music software and for playing music to a large number of people. He has appeared on stages of both smaller and big clubs, and has gained valuable experience by playing at different promotional events. DEN7EL become interested in house music above all because of the energy offered by this genre and an opportunity to express himself in another way. The inspiration for the production of his own house music has come from different world producers, such as Hi Tack, Armand Van Helden, Daft Punk, Steven Greenberg, Giorgio Moroder,… He loves playing punchy dance electronica – from progressive to deep and nu-disco house.


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Entry: 3€ (with flyer... 3€ price for two persons)

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