Forestdelic Episode 05

Orto bar, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

6. marec 2015 ob 22:00

Forestldeic presents:

fly back in the time of GOA trance!!!

Live act:

UX (Dragonfly records / Anjuna rec.)

Premiere Live Presentation of Aud‡ssey [Live & Beyond] Album : a live collection of classics


Project formed In 1996 by the two pioneers Kris Kylven, Pete Martin and Live Co Worker “RX Heaven”
With their first album “Ultimate Experience” they covered pretty much all
the psychedelic trance field with a huge success and participated in more than
30 compilations.
Formerly on “Youth’s (Killing Joke) label Dragonfly Records for who they also did a Killing Joke remix.
While touring in around the world UX really brought the dark side of the trance to light with a touch of Rock and Industrial music.
Now it has been 17 years since their last release and they are back for more, more powerful than ever and more straight forward but still trying to break boundaries.
Pete Martin Left the UX Camp for good for concentrate on his successful COBURN & Various Projects…
They reissued in 2012 their Classic Album “Ultimate Experience” with a Reloaded Version Remastered with Bonus Tracks on Kissthesound Records entitled
“Ultimate Experience Reloaded”
Now they found a new home with ANJUNA RECORDS from Israel,
A new Live Album is coming out entitled: Aud‡ssey [Live & Beyond]
Full of New Mixes their Classics & Unreleased Recorded Live from Stage Consoles (Crowd Free)
The Album comes out in early 2015 and will be followed by a world tour with a
brand new show in the pipeline :)
Introducing new live member Bo Ian Wook a.k.a Zvuk
As well note that Kris is also part time Electronic Drummer for Juno Reactor.
Welcome to the world of Ultimate Experience ...



Crnorizec Hrabar (FDR)
SkokniPaLokni & Darko Kala (FDR)

Lunar Deco (FDR)
Statist (FDR)


Date: 06.03.2015
Location: OrtoBar / Ljubljana
Enter: 8 eur till 00:00 after 10 eur


Vreme 1000 Ljubljana

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