Spiritual SubMarine proudly presents HIYAMYZO and CARNAGE!

Bazen Kranj, Kranj, Slovenija

20. februar 2015 ob 23:00

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4th Anniversary with HIYAMYZO & CARNAGE!

SLO: Po odličnem prvem partiju v sezoni 2014/2015 vas Spiritualna Podmornica vabi na že četrto obletnico organizacije! Ob tej priložnosti bomo na odru gostili Hiyamyzo iz Južnoafriške Republike ter Carnage iz Srbije! Oba nastopajoča smo že gostili in zato smo se ob tej posebni priložnosti odločili, da jih povabimo še enkrat. Podporna posadka bodo Necropsi, Zwook in Kris Kylven. Pridi in se nam pridruži 20.2.2015 ob 23h na kranjskem Bazenu. Hvala vsem, ki nas podpirate že štiri leta, brez vas nebi obstajali! Se vidimo! ¦)

ENG: After a great first party in season 2014/2015, Spiritual SubMarine is inviting you to the fourth anniversary of the organization! This time we will be hosting Hiyamyzo from South Africa and Carnage from Serbia! Both of them we already presented to you last year and because they were awesome we invited them again for this special occasion. The support crew will be Necropsi, Zwook and Kris Kylven. Come and join us at 23pm on 20.2.2015 at Bazen Kranj. Thanks to everyone who supported us for four years, we would not exist without you! See you! ¦)

- Hiyamyzo (Global Army Music, Disasterpeace Records, SOUTH AFRICA)
- Carnage (Biomechanix Records, SERBIA)

- Myzo (Global Army Music, Magnetika, Disasterpeace, PORTUGAL)
- Necropsi (Disasterpeace Records, Spiritual SubMarine, SI)
- Zwook (Kaliwood, Dancing Dragon, Spiritual SubMarine, SI)
- Kris Kylven (Kaliwood, Juno Reactor, SI)

Visuals & Decorations:
- SpiritualSubMarine (SI)

- before midnight: 8€
- after midnight: 10€
- wardrobe: 1€
- age restriction: 18+

- Hiyamyzo:
- Myzo:
- Carnage:
- Necropsi:
- Zwook:
- Kris Kylven:
- Others:

- HIYAMYZO: Hiyamyzo is the union of two antipodal forces of nature, who have proven without a doubt, that opposites attract. This project started in 2011 as an experiment with alternative kick and bass, cutting edge dynamics and the idea of attacking morning dance floors. Their live act is currently cooking Cape Town with more releases coming soon and a number of global shows played. Signing with Global Army Music this male/female duo are looking to bust down international boundaries on all fronts. Expect new ideas, remixes, distortion, big drops and crazy buildups at a party near you.

- MYZO: Liliana Pitta Groz Vermaak aka Djane Myzo was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She is 29 years old and is one of the most promising djanes on the trance scene worldwide. Lili was introduced to psytrance by her cousin (DJ Liquid Shape) but never thought she could become a DJ, however, after organizing a party with friends, she was "persuaded" to play and had to learn quickly. This young lady is signed to international record lables Disasterpeace Rec, Beyond Logic (India), and Magnetika Female Agency. Myzo plays South African Night Style and Twilight full on mainly. Myzo has been playing on the portuguese scene for 7 years, always improvising on her style. Recently moved to South Africa, Cape Town where she lives at the moment and where she also started producing music, and has her live act together with Hiyarant. This fusion is called Hiyamyzo. this project is so diferent and it shows the female influences contrasting with the male’s, its a new style of trance that they are trying to create... This is a project full of potential, signed to one of the best international labels, Disasterpeace Records and the amazing mexican label, Biomechanix Records. After playing for all the big productions in Portugal, and since moving to South Africa she has been playing at big outdoor festivals, for example Rezonance, Groovy Troopers, Alien safari, Beartrap Productions, Disasterpeace, MMD, etc. She loves to support portuguese artists like Sinful Reactions, Tryambaka, Sick Addiction, Khopat and some israeli like Dapanji, Bliss, Outer Signal, etc. and has a big passion on south african psytrance Hiyarant, Frozen Ghost, Rubix Cube, Biorhythm, Xatrik, Mr. Jack, Dirty Motion, Sonic Assault, Shift, Rabdom L etc. Myzo has already played with all the biggest trance artists, such as Technodrome, Phatmatix, Dirty Motion, Hiyarant, Skazi, CPU, Space Tribe, Bliss, Painkiller, Dapanji, Orca and as she says: ”Actually, i can say i have played with all my favourite artists, except Infected Mushroom...“

- CARNAGE: Nikola Jovanovic aka “Carnage” was born in Serbia 1993. His interests in psytrance music started in 2008 after he visited his first trance party. Quickly after he decided to start producing music under project called “Twisted Addiction”, which was mostly influented by “South African” night sounds. Slowly step by step he was getting better and better. After 1 year of learning he finaly decided to take music seriously and got deeper in music production. In early July 2012 he made new project called “Carnage”. And in August Carnage became a member of “Biomechanix Rec” army. Right now he is making his first solo EP that will be released in close future. Carnage found himself in South African Twilight sounds which are mixed with Night FullOn.

- NECROPSI: Stefan Gladović aka Necropsi, is a 25 year old from Kranj, Slovenia. His music path started at the age of 13, when he started playing drums. He played in some punk and metal bands till 2006 when he broke both of his arms on rollerblades. Because of that he was unable to play drums for a few years, but in 2007 Zwook (Bojan Vukić, one of the founders of Slovenian psy trance scene) took him to see his first psy trance party! Necropsi instantly fell in love with the music! Not long after that he wanted to learn how to mix, so he went to a friend that had turntables, mixer and some techno vinyls. Since that was not music that he really liked, he borrowed CDJ-s and bought a mixer, burnt some psy trance cds and the madness began. He discovered night time full on and twilight psy trance and that was the style that he liked the most. In 2011 he organized his first psy trance party where he played in front of crowd for the first time. Since then parties got alot bigger, lineups and locations better, and Necropsi has played on most parties in Slovenia alongside Hiyamyzo, Hiyarant, Myzo, Sinful Reactions, Wired, Iliuchina, Alien, Del, Noize Hunter, Aodioiboa, Dharma, Ianuaria, Assioma and many more, even went abroad to Serbia, Austria and Italy. In 2013 he got signed to South African record label Disasterpeace Rec where he will release his first VA this year!

ZWOOK: Coming soon!

KRIS KYLVEN: Coming soon!

Nisi iz Kranja? Ni Problema! Dostop do Bazena je simpl:

- iz zahodne smeri
AC izvoz Kranj zahod, smer Kranj, na prvem semaforiziranem križišču na Zlatem polju desno, navzdol po »obvoznici«, nato desno v smeri Trgovskega centra Supernova Kranj.

- iz vzhodne smeri
AC izvoz Kranj vzhod, smer Kranj, na prvem krožišču (Primskovo) izberite tretji izvoz, mimo Planeta Tuš, nakupovalnega centra Qlandia, preko Delavskega mostu, nato desno na Škofjeloško cesto (mimo Labor), mimo železniške postaje, preko mostu čez Savo in nato desno v smeri Trgovskega centra Supernova Kranj.

- iz JV smeri
Po stari ljubljanski cesti in nato po Škofjeloški cesti (mimo Labor), mimo železniške postaje, preko mostu čez Savo in nato desno v smeri Trgovskega centra Supernova Kranj.

Kranjska železniška postaja se nahaja v neposredni bližini Bazena, oddaljena le 1 km, kar pomeni 10 minut hoje. http://goo.gl/jaQZuD

Spanje v bližini Bazena:

Hostel Cukrarna (www.cukrarna.si)
- cene nočitev: od 12 € na noč
- čas hoje / oddaljenost od Bazena: 10 min / 950 m
- zemljevid poti (http://goo.gl/EU7hYB)

Hiša Layer (http://www.layer.si/)
- cene nočitev: od 15 € na noč
- čas hoje / oddaljenost od Bazena: 10 min / 1.100 m
- zemljevid poti (http://goo.gl/OWMv63)

Hotel Creina (http://www.hotelcreina.si/)
- čas hoje / oddaljenost od Bazena: 10 min / 800 m
- zemljevid poti (http://goo.gl/nv6kn2) 

Vreme Kranj

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