NYE ZOO’ISH 2015 “The Animal In You”

ZOO, Ljubljana, Slovenija

31. december 2014 ob 22:00

*UPPER FLOOR BIRDIES / The Deep House & House experience:
(In order of alphabet)

ANEURIA / Gilesku, Colours

ALEX LONG / 1605, Etia Creations, SCR,


DAMIR / IntoSomeThing

D JUNIOR / IntoSomeThing

FRAKU / Colours

IAN F. / Colours, Jesus Loved You

KAREEM DA-LI / Underground Future

VID VAI / White, Colours, Gilesku

*DOWNSTAIRS ANIMALS / The Tech House & Techno experience:
(In order of alphabet)

BOWNR / zAvodKru, Ricochet rec., Viral rec.

IAN GREEN / Twisted Shuffle, WTMH

sMARTY aka. MaRTa / martadjane.com

POHALINO / zAvodKru, Strawberry Fileds

PSIHO / Annunaki Records

VEZTAX / Vezotonik rec., Glorio Music

YURIY / zAvodKru, HND

Vstopnina: 10€ early bids till’ 25th December, 15€ till’ 30th December, 20€ till’ 31st December/at doors

/ NYE ZOO’ISH 2015 “The Animal In You” /

BROTHERS & SISTERS - The time is right to celebrate together!
From the creators of “NYE Paradise” we are inviting you to join us in a brand new ZOO klub in Ljubljana. The redesigned basement floor, new sound system and decor are just some of the highlights for “professional” clubber to enjoy.
Wake up “The Animal In You” and enjoy quality musical program in relaxed atmosphere on 2 FLOORS:

- door opens: 10pm
- end of official event: 8am (afterparty program; see ZOO klub calendar for more details)
- you must be age 18 or more to enter!
- 10€ early bids till’ 25th December, 15€ till’ 30th December, 20€ till’ 31st December/at doors
- ŽMAUC BAR, Ljubljana: https://www.facebook.com/barzmauc/info?tab=overview
- Promotor Ljubljana; +386 70 536 198
- Promotor Maribor, Celje; +386 40 466 499
INFO (tickets only!): zooeish@gmail.com
TABLE RESERVATIONS (available only at upstairs terrace): +386 40 557 097 - Davorin

Brothers & Sisters!

*note; complete line up will be presented on 31st December with back to back DJ combinations for each floor.

Vreme Ljubljana

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