Forestdelic Records Episode 03 Label Party

Orto bar, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

5. december 2014 ob 22:00

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Forestdelic Records Label Night

Gail is an old and wicked Ent that lives in the nearby forest. Besides his extraordinary personality, he is also well known for his exquisite taste in all the weirdest and twisted styles of music that can be found back in these woods. He pays regular visits to the many different caves and groves where the best of the forest musicians gather to ’cook their stuff’ and so he has all the fresh and most tasty tunes around. It is a well known secret in the forest, that Gail has a special trail that goes through all these musicians’ places from where he picks the tunes, and that its the only place where a creature can have an ear on them, for Gail always plays some along the way! Shhhh! The Forestdelic crew knows the whereabouts of this trail, and this time they are inviting you to have some time with Gail on his quest for a decent forestdelia. They have marked some special spots on this trail where the most wicked of his tunes are to be heard, so if you’re up for some really nasty blasting, then hurry with that brew and join the crew - ’cos the forest never sounded better!"


Yudhsithira MK

Phobos Azazel MK

Goch MK

Kala MK

Dhar Mhar SLO

Tiann SLO

Lunar MK

Statist SLO


10 eur


Vreme 1000 Ljubljana

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 1.12.2014 18:51

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