Innocent Music Showcase with MARTIN BUTTRICH

SN (Social Network), 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

16. november 2012 ob 22:00


The legend tells the story of Bluebird, animal that brings cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity and good health to whomever finds it and hear it singing. But you must never capture it and hold it for yourself or else it will eventually stop singing and die. Death of a Bluebird symbolizes the loss of innocence. A long time has passed since we heard the music of such bird here in our parts of the world, so we asked our friend porcupine to set us in the right direction and help us continue our journey in search of innocence to find the Bluebird. He told us of one, supposedly named Martin, who has been gone for quite some time now. This is it! Innocent Music has found him trapped and dying between branches of a fallen tree. We set him free and to thank us, he promised that we will soon be able to hear his music. Its going to be magical…


♫ MARTIN BUTTRICH (Desolat, Cocoon Germany)

♫ ANEY F. (Innocent Music Slovenia)

♫ DEJVID (Innocent Music Slovenia)

♫ MATT KEYL b2b MIKE TEKNII (Night Light, Pet Italy)

♫ UNO TAMAN b2b LAWLESS NUT (Innocent Music Slovenia)


Presale / Predprodaja ->

First 100 tickets / Prvih 100 vstopnic -> 12€
Second 100 tickets / Drugih 100 vstopnic -> 14€
Last 100 tickets / Zadnjih 100 vstopnic -> 17€
On the day of the event / Na dan dogodka -> 17€


SN Club, Vodovodna cesta 99, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Event is limited to 300 attendees / Dogodek je omejen na 300 udeležencev


Heineken / Evian / LakomLačen / Taxi Intertours / Cosmic Shock



Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat, Nervous and Desolat. He’s also put his sonic thumbprint on many big ticket artists, notably receiving a Grammy nomination for a Tori Amos remix in 2003. Such diverse musical horizons are rare. While other prolific artists may have slowly watered down their music, Buttrich’s star has risen in diametric opposition. His vision has become more and more condensed, more and more crystallised. Flipping and puncturing grooves in a live setting is a snap for him, and he’s entranced audiences at festivals like Time Warp and Creamfields and at temples of boom such as Fabric (London), Womb (Tokyo), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Panorama Bar (Berlin) and Amnesia (Ibiza).

Vreme 1000 Ljubljana

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