Ambasada Gavioli, Izola, Slovenija

6. oktober 2012 ob 23:00


1605, Night Light Records, Definitive

Mladen Tomics reputation as Bosnias preeminent DJ and producer has gone global. International clubbers have been increasingly drawn to Mladens captivating blend of techno and tech house with hypnotic tribal rhythms, with the lucrative Latin American market the latest to fall victim to the Tomic beat. A string of high-ranking releases and remixes for technos major players has propelled Mladen to the top of the stack. Recognition for his recordings as well as dj sets has delivered Mladen to parties across Europe and the Americas, while his high-spec home studio is more than earning its keep. Major name support has come from DJs such as John Acquaviva, Dubfire, Popof, Richie Hawtin, Umek, Adam Beyer, Monika Kruse, Sebastien Leger, Rino Cerrone, Mauro Picotto and many others.

Balance FM

Lemon has been in Croatian dance music industry for the past 17 years. He began playing back in 1994 and ever since he has been undoubtedly considered the most important and talented Dj in the country. Lemon is still setting new standards in the Croatian music scene and playing all over the country, in the biggest and most popular clubs.From the very beginning it was obvious that Lemon is not another common Dj. He always showed a great musical taste, impressive technical skills behind the decks, and inspiring musical vision. Nowdays he incorporate all together, playing from deep and groovy elements over electro and minimal, to progressive house and techno, and constantly re-editing tracks so they will fit into his vision and sets.

1605, Sabotage, Respekt, Italo Business

Future Disco, Dinamika, Vintage Events

. KLEN-ART (live)
Shout Records, Electric skoni, Vintage Events


Before midnight = 7 €
After midnight = 10 €

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