Innocent Music Showcase with AUDIOJACK

SN (Social Network), 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

19. oktober 2012 ob 22:00


Summer is over, but the journey in search of innocence continues. Innocent Music has learned everything there is to learn from the majestic Lotus flower, but now we have discovered a new source of innocence, a more live one. The animals. Its start of autumn so it should be the perfect time to encounter a….ah, there it is! Look, behind that tree. That is a porcupine. Autumn is its time of power. It is an animal symbolic of faith, intelligence, defensive magick, trust, wisdom, adventure of discovery and…innocence. Porcupine is loving, gentle and non-aggressive. It uses a warning before defending itself. It teaches us how to make magickal shields that protect us from negativity and against evil. The two of them, who call themselves Audiojack will now show us how to do that. They ofcourse do not speak our language, so we will learn it through music.


♫ AUDIOJACK (Gruuv, 2020 VisionUnited Kingdom) - First time in Slovenia!

♫ LEMON (Balance FMCroatia)

♫ ANEY F. (Innocent MusicSlovenia)

♫ DEJVID (Innocent MusicSlovenia)

♫ LAWLESS NUT (Innocent MusicSlovenia)


Presale / -> 15€

On the day of the event / Na dan dogodka -> 20€


SN Club, Vodovodna cesta 99, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Event is limited to 300 attendees / Dogodek je omejen na 300 udeležencev


Heineken / Evian / LakomLačen / Taxi Intertours / Cosmic Shock

Vreme 1000 Ljubljana

Parti|ElektronikaZadnja sprememba: 30.9.2012 20:46

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