Innocent Music meets Wiggle | RESURRECTION OF THE LOTUS with TERRY FRANCIS

Skrita Lokacija, Ljubljana, Slovenija

14. september 2012 ob 22:00

- TERRY FRANCIS (Fabric, WiggleLondon, UK)
- ANEY F. (Innocent MusicSLO)
- DEJVID (Innocent MusicSLO)
- LAWLESS NUT (Innocent MusicSLO)

Vstopnina: 12€

Innocent Music meets WIGGLE


with TERRY FRANCIS (Fabric, Wiggle, UK)

LIMITED EDITION | INDOOR | Secret Location | Ljubljana | 14.09.2012 | ANEY F.s Birthday Gathering


♫ TERRY FRANCIS (Fabric, Wiggle, UK)

♫ ANEY F. (Innocent Music, SLO)

♫ DEJVID (Innocent Music, SLO)

♫ LAWLESS NUT (Innocent Music, SLO)


Oh, something went wrong in May when lotus flowers begun rising. The supreme pink lotus Terry should have risen out of mud and start spreading purity into the world but he was disrupted by unfortunate events of nature and perished back into depths of dark murky waters. However, all was not lost. Other lotus flowers rose in the sky and brought new era – era of innocence. Aney the white lotus is going through his 24th life cycle and is now devoted with all his power to resurrect the pink lotus for one last dance before winter. He has the support of the blue lotus Dejvid and Lawless the purple one. Together they dug their roots deep into the soil to remain here for eternity and keep the innocent souls away from vulgarity of this world by showing them their beauty - their music. And so ends the story of the lotus flowers, but our journey in search of innocence has just begun.

START: 22.00 | END: 06.00


- 12€
- FREE for those who bought ADVANCE tickets for our opening night:


- Zabava je omejena za 300 ljudi
- Vstop je možen le z nakupom vstopnice v predprodaji
- Po nakupu vstopnice prejmete naslov lokacije dogodka
- V primeru nezapolnitve kapacitet vas bomo na dan dogodka obvestili o možnosti nakupa vstopnic na vhodu

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October 2012 - Innocent Music Winter Season Opening

Vreme Ljubljana

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