Poletna šola o drogah, alkoholu in odvisnosti

11. februar 2016|Novice|Aktualno|Obvestila

Amsterdamska univerza pripravlja poletno šolo, ki bo potekala med 10. in 21. julijem 2016.

We are accepting participants in the 10th Summer Institute on Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction which  will be held at the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam from 10 July - 21 July 2016.


The programme offers graduate students of various disciplines and professionals a great opportunity to advance their knowledge in the field of addiction studies in an international environment.

The Institute is an intensive two-week summer programme is built around four themes: an overview of policies and the history of the concept of addiction, contemporary prevention services, the current state of affairs, and an assessment of treatment innovations. Each module concludes with a workshop integrating concepts into daily clinical, policy, and research practices.


Deadline for Applications:  April 1 (rolling admissions)

The Institute’s classes are intensive seminars with discussions, excursions, faculty lectures and guest lectures by prominent people in the field, like Prof Wim van den Brink, Prof Reinout Wiers (both UvA) and many others. The latest updates can be found on the website. 


You can visit our web site www.uva.nl/summer-addiction  and watch student testimonials, for further information or to apply online.


Tuition (non-credit): € 1200

Tuition (credit): € 1350

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Sincerely yours,


Dr. Dennis McCarty 
Dr. Kristen  Anderson

Drs. Mirjam Schieveld


This programme has received the highest praise from our alumni:

My overall assessment of my Summer Institute experience is that it far exceeded any addiction professional development program I have attended.


Summer Institute on Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction
Graduate School of Social Sciences

University of Amsterdam

Email: summer-info-gsss@uva.nl